You're Selling What?

I was driving to a nearby city today - much larger than the one I live in - actually, most cities are larger than the one I live in. As I drove in on the U.S. road with multiple lanes of traffic entering and exiting this university city, I caught a glimpse of a marquee sign. You know the ones, they usually highlight the same genres of merchandise: milk, bread, gas, bait (this is rural Georgia), beer.

Today's sign, however, featured a snack product - let's say it's hypothetical name was, "Little Dorothy Honey Breads" - you can probably figure out the correct brand name and product. And, the best news of all, you could buy it today on their "2 for 88 cents" special.

I couldn't believe my eyes...

  • many thousands of vehicles travel this road daily
  • it's placement is at a strategic intersection
  • Competition nearby consists of one other major grocer and one major drug-store chain
Then, I thought to myself...
  • That's the best you can do?
  • You're selling what?

Because the majority of my time is spent in dealing with churches, pastors, etc., my mind immediately shifted to that frame of thought...

  • We have the greatest message in the world
  • We have the greatest opportunity in the world
  • We have the greatest amount of resources in the world (God owns it all!) 
  • We have the greatest hope in the world
What have we brought to the attention of the world?

Are we focused solely on our special project or promo so that we have perhaps missed the single greatest opportunity to connect and bring real hope, real change, real life and real love?

Here's the bottom line:
  • Everything we do communicates
  • What we communicate indicates priority
  • The way in which we communicate indicates passion
  • The timing in our communication indicates urgency
Have we taken the greatest opportunity, 
the greatest strategic positioning, 
the greatest hope 
and placed it in the back room 
so that we can highlight our "2 for 88 cent" special?

My parting advice for leaders:
  • Think about what you will say
  • Think about how you will say it
  • Think about when you will say it
  • Think about what you won't say
I once worked with a pastor who meticulously thought through and penned every "talk" he did. Whether it was a 2 hour teaching/lecture, a 45 minute sermon, or a 5 minute address to parents - he planned.

Have you thought about your next message/talk/sermon/meeting/announcement/promo in terms of the audience?

Think it through...every word counts!

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