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A collection of some of the best blog posts I've read in the past few days:

Warning: This post will most likely challenge you - at least, that's my hope. The tendency we all have is to read something like this and think of a few people who "fit the bill." Rather than project, may I suggest you personalize. Ask yourself, "Is this me?, Does this sound like me?"

Another Warning: If you're not dealing with questions related to sex, stop talking long enough and start listening. My wife and I are consistently amazed at the questions that are lobbed our way as a result of our culture's saturated sense of sexuality. This is a great post for pastors, parents and church leaders.

Not A Warning, Truth: Stetzer points out that many churches are mules - sterile animals that can't multiply. He then goes on to define the difference between Jerusalem chuches and Antioch churches - in case you don't read it, just know that you don't want to be a Jerusalem church.

Because it's a reality - sometimes it's time to leave! Here'a collection of the five most common reasons. Here's a quote from the blog that I thought was important, 
"Life is too short to spend time in a place we shouldn't be. 
Yes, transition can be difficult, and even risky. 
But the greater risk is wasting our lives in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Ok, this blog post sounds like it should follow the one I mentioned above - but it doesn't. Rather, what if every communicator (read, "preacher") began with these five questions written about in this post? Wow, it would be powerful (Obviously, I know, you have to pray, I meant after that...) - if you do nothing else, read the five questions and think about them in terms of your next message - I am!

Finally, here are some tweets that I "favorited" - these really challenged me on a personal level:

My inability to help ten people in need today does not excuse me from helping one.

CREATIVITY happens w/in the context of ORDER. You don't create your way n2order. You've got ORDER. Then you've got CREATIVITY!!

Your humility is revealed in how you treat those you disagree with.

"Nobody builds a monument to a critic!"

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