Embrace the Process

I used to have a blog that went by the title of today's post, some close friends have indicated they've heard enough about "process" from me to last a lifetime.

So, I ceased the process rhetoric for a while via blog post but I've never stopped believing in the value of process or the role it plays in shaping people.

Today, I simply want to share a thought, maybe it'll encourage you, perhaps it'll instruct you, or it just may serve as a reminder...

Here's the thought -

"The process, not the destination, brings definition"

Said another way:
  • Perhaps you are a church planter - the process that will define you, not the title or the "planted church" - after all, the planted church will be an extension of who you are, not what you do
  • Perhaps you are going to write a book - the process will define you, not the paperback - after all, words come to life when they come from life
  • Perhaps you are a great parent - the process will define you, not the accolades. After all, the day-in/day-out of relationship, tension, friction, cooperation, communication bring definition


Unknown said...

What I've learned from Rick: It's all about the process. :)

On A Hot Tin Roof said...

excellent word. Clay & I needed to hear that today.