How to Introduce a Guest Speaker

One of the most encouraging things for me is watching an emerging leader who is intentional in what he does

Let me explain...
Our pastor was away on vacation and we were slated to have another member of the pastoral staff preach in his absence.  Keith would be the one "handling" the service - "handling" is the affectionate name that we use for the person who opens the service with prayer, communicates announcements, receives the offering and often closes the service - in most venues that's called an emcee but we can't use that name because it'd sound like a club instead :)

Here's what I noted about Keith's introduction:
  • He was intentional about his segue from one service element to another - in other words,  it flowed! And, it flowed because he paid attention. There was no "shock and awe" that happened as we moved from worship to word or any other part of the service
  • He honored the guest speaker - a first time guest would've thought this was a high-ranking community figure. Keith did an outstanding job of honoring the guest speaker
  • He told a story - Keith shared a personal story about the morning speaker that made him more personal and real to each of us