Benefits of Technology in Ministry - Part 1

I recently taught at a conference and was assigned the topic: Benefits of Technology in Ministry. I want to thank Pastor John Price and the great team of people at Abundant Faith Fellowship for having the vision to equip their leaders as well as other leaders in the Georgia Conference, the IPHC and the South Georgia region.

Over the next few days I'll share what I believe are 6 benefits of embracing technology and using them in ministry. I taught this session with the specific focus of social media (facebook, twitter, mass email, web, etc). However, the benefits are broad enough that they can apply to other sources of technology - such as: multi-media, sound reinforcement, computer-usage, and other current technology.

The first benefit of technology in ministry is Voice.

I know you're thinking, "Voice!?!?!" - what are you talking about?

As I see it, by embracing current forms and platforms of technology and utilizing them in ministry you are doing two things.

  • First, you give your ministry the chance to be heard. You ave the opportunity to offer input. As various forms of technology are embraced, used effectively and with excellence, you are effectively giving yourself the opportunity to be heard in your community and in the context in which you are ministering.

  • Second, the thing that happens when you embrace technology in ministry is you have the chance to shape culture. You give yourself influence. Now able to shape the conversations that are happening all around. You're able to give credence as a Christ-follower to the events, issues, thoughts, ideals, and conversations that take place in your context.

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Robert Parker said...

Good stuff - Thanks! Blessings