Is this what we've become?

Just came across this video...but first, some preliminary thoughts:
  • I enjoy this style of worship, etc
  • I enjoy excellence
  • I value relevance 
  • BUT,
  • Style should never replace substance (another post on substance coming soon)
  • Excellence should never surpass authenticity (another post on authenticity vs. excellence coming soon)
  • And, finally, the Gospel is always relevant (although communication of the Gospel is important, it's the Gospel that's primary - not the attempt at relevance)
Now, the video...

God, help us not be so shallow that this is what we've become!

"Sunday's Coming" Movie Trailer from North Point Media on Vimeo.


Cayley Anne Ann Elswick said...

my god! it's so funny, but really sad at the same time.

Tsofah said...


Not gonna worry about "the hip young guy with tattoos to show he has a past". Lighting, stage effects, etc is what changes it to performance instead of worship.

There are so many Christian books in different bookstores - why does a church need one in today's world? Just wondering....

Interesting video.