Advice to Graduates

My good friend, Chris Maxwell - Campus Pastor, Author, Epilepsy Spokesman - has posted a great blog with a collection of thoughts from various community leaders. You can read his blog here, you can subscribe on Facebook here.

I wasn't able to get my response to Chris in time to meet his deadline, but he graciously welcomed my thoughts in the comment section of this particular blog post (as of this writing, they are pending his approval).

Here's what I wrote:
Value every season of your life - life is full of seasons and within each season, there will be fruit. Perhaps you will have to search for fruit in a difficult season, but find it - it will help sustain you to get you to the next. 

As well, value the journey (or process) of life - don't live life as an event; rather, as a journey full of adventure, risk, uncertainty and the unknown. 
Speaking of the unknown, now that you are graduating, you get to find out just how much you don't know! That's part of the journey. 
Finally, value people and relationships. Seek to add value to people and relationships. Life, and ministry, can be lonely despite the social web of networks with which we can connect. Media, in all forms (social, entertainment, print, etc),  should never become a substitute for authentic relationships where life (remember, the journey) is lived out daily. Matthew 6:33

What advice would you add?
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