Origination, Destination and Maturation

Just finished preaching a series of messages for a local church recently and one of the underlying, recurring themes that I kept emphasizing was this:

Where you came FROM is important...
Where you are GOING is more important...
WHO you are BECOMING is most important

Many pastors and Christians spend a large part of their time trying to convince others that the place of their origination is the primary value of who they are. For example, I had a friend that was convinced that because he was from another geographic region, he was superior in many ways. Whether it was related to sports, social skills or just life in general, he was going to be better.
I also have met Christ-followers that spend a lot of their time talking about where they came from - whether it was the streets or the pews, you could be sure that their originating place was what was first in their conversation or their sermons. Their origination defined their identity...then there are those that allow their destination to define their identity...

Recently, I read a book by Andy Stanley that can be summarized in just one sentence (the book was The Principle of the Path) - that sentence...
"Direction, not intention, determines destination" - so, save yourself some money, that's the book.

And, it's true! Because truthfully, there are many people (and I've been one at times) that have GREAT intentions, but their direction is totally mismatched against their intentions. The end result...their destination is usually static or going in reverse.

So, origination and destination are important, but maturation is the MOST important.

In other words, WHO are you BECOMING in're becoming someone. Of course, my goal in the series was to compel them to become more like realize that in the process of life, we don't need to short-circuit the plan of God by rushing through a season...even a difficult one!

That's where I've been...evaluating my own maturation as it relates to: family, ministry, friendships, responsibilities, and responses.

How about you?
I'm sure you know where you came from, do you know where you are going?
More importantly, do you know WHO you are BECOMING?

Let's talk about it...please, leave a comment!

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