Lessons I'm Learning...Along the Way

This post will be somewhat personal in nature...I'm learning some ministry, in life, in family, in process. Here goes:
  • My wife told me today that I have to learn to accept the things that are not in my hands - wow!
  • I'm learning to "press into Jesus" more. What does that mean? Well, for me, it means learning more and more to walk in the Spirit, not the flesh - to trust outcomes, decisions and obstacles to Him.
  • I'm learning to value each and every moment with children and family more than ever.
  • I'm learning to trust God more than ever...
  • I'm learning that I don't have to have all the answers, be in every place, and do everything.
  • I'm learning that the things that I really love about ministry, can easily be replaced if not careful.
  • I'm learning to truly enjoy the mentoring relationships I'm able to develop with students and others.
  • I'm learning to allow God to stretch me...
  • I'm learning to suffer with friends who are suffering - some with hard decisions, some with a hard life.
  • I'm learning that some things are out of my hands, and therefore, out of my control - and that's probably a really good thing.
  • I'm learning to appreciate the unique personalities and interests in each of my children - which, by the way, are most amazing!
  • I'm learning...
  • Are you? What are you learning?

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Anonymous said...

Great post my friend!!! Keep learning and sharing the lessons you learn.