Life in 3D

This being my first blog post of the New Year and New Decade, I thought I'd take a moment and define some things about both the new year and decade that I hope will become a reality.

I had the idea last year from this blog post to use 3 keywords as compass points or guiding thoughts rather than establishing New Year's Resolutions. I didn't act on it, and no regret it. So, for 2010, I plan to use the following keywords as defining thoughts and guides in life: Discover, Discipline and Develop. I've included a little more definition below:

Life in 3D

The three words that follow are compass points that I will use to guide my life in 2010. These words will affect all aspects of my life: finance, time, actions, thoughts, relationships, etc. They are not resolutions – resolutions typically fail and are bound to the calendar/clock. The choice is not to live by the clock, but, rather, the compass. Life by the clock is limited – life by the compass is unlimited, open to new things and constantly exploring. The goal is to use these three words to give direction to my efforts.


Obvious Result: Learning to live again with a sense of awe and wonder at life around me

* New things in the Bible
* New interests
* New Relationships


Obvious Result: Better stewardship in my life

* My time
* My energy
* My mind
* My spirit


Obvious Result: Intentional depth added in key areas of my life

* Deeper relationships
* Consistency:

1. In my walk with Christ
2. In my diet
3. In my reading
4. In my blogging

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