Life in the "Fast" Lane

Every year, during the month of January, many Christians, churches and ministries call their supporters and followers to observe an extended 

I'm choosing to participate in the 21 day fast that many Christians participate in during the month of January. However, rather than the Daniel Fast related to food, I'm doing an extended fast of just water and juice for several days, coupled with a 21 day social media fast.

Here are the measures I'm putting in place:
  • No communicate via Facebook or Twitter for 21 days
  • No blog reading via Google Reader feed for 21 days 
  • Removing Facebook and Twitter apps from my iPhone
  • Replacing social media time spent with time spent in reading the Bible
During this time I will:
  • Replace social media with reading the Scriptures. I plan to read the New Testament during the 21 days
  • Have others that can update facebook pages and twitter feeds if needed (this would be related to work/ministry)
  • Begin a journey through the Bible in 2010 that I believe will nourish me spiritually and strengthen the ministry God has entrusted me with
  • Journal, daily, the things God shows me through prayer and Scripture
  • Have my accountability partner and others hold me accountable to this fast - the primary purpose of this is not a "check up" so much as to reflect to them what God is showing me
  • Separation from non-essential media to focus intensely on essential disciplines (reading Scripture, prayer, journaling)
  • Establishing a pace of spiritual disciplines that will set in motion the priorities and focus of my life for 2010
  • Clarity in hearing the voice of God as I reduce the "noise" of social media

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