How Much is Too Much?

Like it,
Hate it,
Love it,
Or, Leave it...

Change happens!

The opposite of change, I once read, is death. If you're living, you're changing.

I was made aware of a very large, and very growing church that purposely tries to change at least 10% of what they are doing each year. That has to be a difficult metric to track, but the heart of the metric is that they are able to continue to grow, evaluate, reach people and make a major difference in their community because they are willing to constantly change. By the way, they realize that if they DON'T change at least 10% every year, in just 5 short years half of what they are doing will be ineffective. That's an eye-opener!

So, how much change is too much?

How can a local church continue to serve the members that are present (an important role), while still focusing on the people that need Christ the most?

I have my thoughts...but, I'd really like to hear yours!

When I reach 5 comments, I'll weigh in...ready, set, comment!

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