How Far is too Far?

When I was a youth pastor, that was a common question.

Typically, it was a teen wanting to play it "safe enough" to push the limits of their sexuality and sexual expression, while retaining the right to be considered a Christian. Now that I'm not in youth ministry and I deal more with adults...

Nothing has changed!

Let's move away from the discussion of sex and toward the discussion of salvation...

How far is to far?
How far do we go to reach people?

Do we enter the world of porn shows and conventions like Craig Gross does?

Are we gutsy enough to enter the world of human trafficking like Charles Powell is willing to do? (by the way, human trafficking is now the 2nd largest illegal crime behind the drug trade - some of it is for the purpose of the sex trade, but it's not limited to that-article by Charles is a little over half way down)

Are we willing to give up all that we have for the sake of reaching someone?

How much are we willing to sacrifice?

Our chapels and churches?
Our sanctuaries and seating?
Our voice and our vote?

People, people matter!

They are who Christ came for...died for...arose for...waits for.

I'm convicted when I read John 1:14, that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.

Christ became human (yes, I know, fully human, fully God - but don't forget - fully human!).

Are we willing to become ______________ in order to dwell among some to reach them - no, not become a porn star or drug pusher or homeless person. But are we willing to sacrifice our status quo, our safe place and our sanctuary to understand the hell someone else is trapped in - all in an effort to reach them with Christ's love and life?

I'm convicted that I have chosen comfort and convenience over risk and uncertainty. I'm convicted that I have chosen status and safety over sacrifice and peril. No, I'm not looking to be a martyr. But I wonder, given the choice of safety, comfort and convenience have I sacrificed some of God's richest plans for my life - I wonder!

The issue of relevance can be a hot button topic in many settings within Christendom. So sad! Christ...left heaven...became man...became relevant...sacrificed...died - given the choice, would we choose this path?

Have we chosen this path?
Or, do we think that sacrificing all is going too far?

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