Blog Recap for 2009

Here's a quick overview of my blog activity for 2009:
  • Before I get to stats, let me say that I've struggled to maintain a purpose for keeping this blog going - I still do somewhat. My numbers and activity were almost a third of what they were the year before. I hope to reverse that and have set some measures in place to help with it - I hope that regular, consistent blogging will help me develop a better understanding of WHY I should keep blogging.
  • Here's my look back at 2008 if you're interested.
In 2009:
  • I wrote 53 blog posts (down from 160 in 2008). I wrote several others and rescinded them before publishing because of content or ambiguity
  • As of 12/20/09 I had 2,594 visits to
  • They came from 69 different countries (up from 55)
  • There were 1,712 absolute unique visitors, spending an average of 6 seconds less on my site, but viewing .01% more pages
  • 29 people used dial-up as opposed to 72 in '08 - come on you 29, you have to give in and upgrade to high-speed internet!
  • Fewer people use IE, more people use Firefox and Safari double. Chrome went from virtually nothing to almost 4% of viewers.
  • The top referrers: Google, Facebook, then fellow bloggers (thanks Rachel & Debbie)
Here are 7 of my favorite blog posts from 2009:

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