Progress DEMANDS that we challenge

I've been teaching a series in Sunday school from the book by Mark Batterson titled, "Wild Goose Chase" - the teaching series is called, "Chase the Goose."

The basic premise is this - the Celtic Christians had a name for the Holy Spirit - An Geadh Glas - which means "Wild Goose." For them, following the Holy Spirit, pursuing God was an adventure - a "Wild Goose Chase." Anyway, pick up the book, read it, it WILL challenge you.

But this week Mark makes the statement to the effect that "Progress demands that we challenge assumptions" - that got me to thinking...what else needs to be challenged?

Here are some of my thoughts with regard to local church leadership, denominational leadership and Christian ministry in general:
  • Progress demands that we challenge structure - can we be more effective & more efficient? I know it worked last year/week/decade/century, but is there ANOTHER way it'll work better?
  • Progress demands that we challenge tradition - what should be remembered (but not idolized)?
  • Progress demands that we challenge practice - are we really doing all that we can do, or is there a better way to do it? I know it's always been done that way, is THAT the right way or is there a better way?
  • Progress demands that we challenge worldview - do we really have it figured out? Is there another way to view the world, issues, society, culture and mankind that perhaps is more honoring to God and redemptive in purpose?
  • Progress demands that we challenge theology - most will shun doing this, but challenging theology sharpens the theological sword and makes us better leaders?
  • Progress demands that we challenge ecclesiology? Are there other ways of "doing" church? Mark my words, the American denominational system will HAVE to struggle with the "house church" movement. It'll be tough and will create a divide unfortunately. This coming from a "denominational guy" - but the ones that wrestle with it and embrace it, I believe will benefit from it. God IS using the house church around the world...oh yeah, and it's found in the New Testament.
Just last night I was able to challenge a local church (and hopefully in a Christ-like, humble fashion - that was my heart and intent). I challenged them to experience their service from the view of a guest, their language from the ears of a guest, and their setting from the eyes of a guest.

What did I miss? By the way, Amazon challenged the notion that shopping had to be in a "brick & mortar" store. JFK challenged the assumption that man could ever walk on the moon.

What other areas of church/ministry need to be challenged so that we can progress?

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