Catalyst 09 Recap

My wife and I had the privilege of attending this year's Catalyst event here in Atlanta - it's the second one I've attended, her first. We enjoyed the conference w/a bunch of EC students - so happy to hang out with many of them, learn more about them and build bridges toward the next generation of leader.

Here are some of the thoughts that most captured me, followed by some links to other bloggers that did a better job of taking notes:
  • Most leaders won’t realize the significance of their mark until long after it has been left. (Andy Stanley)
  • “God takes full responsibility for the life that is wholly devoted to Him.” (Andy again quoting his dad, Charles Stanley) - Andy went on to give real life examples of how he had seen his dad live this out.
  • Living to make my mark is too small a thing to give my life to. But when God calls us to let him make his mark through us, that is the thing willing to give our life for. (Andy Stanley - the conference name was "On the Mark" - this was one of the most powerful things I heard)
  • 10 Things Chuck Swindoll Learned in 50+ Years of Ministry: 1.) It’s lonely to lead. Leadership involves tough decisions. The tougher the decisions, the lonelier it is. 2.) It’s dangerous to succeed. It is dangerous to succeed while being young. rarely, does God give leadership that young because it takes crushing and failure first. 3.) It’s hardest at home. Nobody at home is applauding you. They say, “Dad! You’re fly is open.” 4.) It is essential to be real. If there is one realm where phoniness is personified it is leadership. What I care about is that you stay real. 5.) It is painful to obey. There are rewards, yes, but it is painful nevertheless. 6.) Brokenness and failure are necessary. 7.) My attitude is more important than my actions. Some of you are getting hard to be around. And your attitude covers all those great actions you pull off. 8.) Integrity eclipses image. What you are doing is not a show. And the best things you are doing is not up front but what you do behind the scenes. 9.) God’s way is better than my way. God is going to have His way. 10.) Christ-likeness begins and ends with humility. (Chuck Swindoll)
  • A leader in the Bible named Joshua knew how to handle interruption. Four things that Joshua did in Joshua 3 that show us how to handle interruptions: 1.) Act immediately in obedience to God; 2. ) Act fearlessly; 3.) Acknowledge the presence of God; 4.) Anticipate God’s miracles. (Priscilla Shirer)
  • Sometimes the crowd thins, and people leave, even ones who are close to you. (Rob Bell)
  • Does your spouse get your very best, or does your spouse get what is left over from the church? Do your kids get your very best, or do they get the scraps? Our children pick up on what really matters to us without us saying a word. (Rob Bell again - and he brought it)
  • We think we need daring and bold decision making from our leaders in time of crisis. But we don’t. We need humility. (Malcolm Gladwell - retelling the story of General Joe Hooker and the sense of arrogance with which he led. Ultimately, he had better information and more troops, but his bold decision making and daring thinking led to defeat)
  • Incompetence irritates me, overconfidence scares me (another Malcolm Gladwell quote)
Finally, here are some other bloggers you can gain more info from:

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