Honor Revolution

I preached this morning at Abundant Life Worship Center in Stateboro, GA - (a.k.a. "The Boro") - I love this town and I love this church!

Here's what the town has going for it:
  • Diversity - racially and generationally
  • University - Georgia Southern University is located there so it has the "university vibe" of many university towns
  • Growth - all around The Boro there are signs of growth - new housing, new retail, new schools
  • Location - there are more gnats than you could ever imagine - this is great for cyclists (smile real big!), outdoor cooking and bbq (a little extra protein) and the locals(the locals are used to them and know how to "shew" them away without using their hands, this makes spotting someone from out of town much easier) - ok, that's not really a "plus" for the town - it's really kind of "buggy" (overheard today at lunch...just sayin')
Here's what the church has going for it:
  • Diversity - racially, generationally and leadership-experience
  • Unity - they are moving forward toward making an impact in their location
  • Identity - they are not your "typical" Pentecostal church - they are unique! They understand their identity and DNA, understand their values and identity and work toward making it hard for people to go to hell - you will be accepted and welcomed @ ALWC
  • Buggy - not really, just had to make it match the above
  • Creativity - they are intentional about taking the Gospel message, making it come alive, helping apply it to your life, and challenging you to believe and live that message - all while pushing the limits of creativity
  • Excellence - they are doing a few things well - and they are intentional about doing them better - Every. Single. Week.
In a nutshell, here's what I preached (Scriptures used: Philippians 2:25,29; Ephesians 6:5-9; Hebrews 12:7; Acts 13:36; Psalm 133; Ephesians 4:11-13):

We have an Honor Crises:
  1. We've been too casual
  2. We've been too critical
  3. We've been too "care-less"
We need and Honor Revolution!
I outlined the 5 solutions that lead to an Honor Revolution:
  1. Honor those Before Us - those that have blazed the trail; our historical leaders
  2. Honor those Below Us - there is structure & hierarchy - we should honor those that serve or work for us
  3. Honor those Beside Us - those people that are our peers, our co-laborers
  4. Honor those Behind Us - there's a generation that's looking to us as leaders - honor them with your integrity and humility
  5. Honor those Beyond Us - our leaders, the one's God has set in place over us at this time

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