latest edition of blogs on my radar-part 1

i've listed below several blogs that have caught my attention recently:

  1. batterson asks the important question in this post: Who are you becoming? He follows up with, "I'd rather be the right person in the wrong place than the wrong person in the right place."
  2. batterson also exhorts us to "consider the source" - a great post that EVERY church leader should read. if you're a complainer - don't bother. here's a thought: If someone has a complaint about our weekend gatherings, the first thing I want to know is whether or not they are inviting their unchurched friends. If they aren't, there is a much greater likelihood that the complaint is selfish in nature.
  3. sam rainer offers 10 bad church-work habits - guilty of some! how about you? probably #2 is the one that's my biggest obstacle and pet peeve (funny how some things that bother us the most we are guilty of-or, not so funny, actually)
  4. i'm passionate about making things better - it offends and bothers some people probably...i know that. but keeping things the same and never making them better is offensive to me (well, not really, but it sounds good) - oak leaf's pastor offers this advice - there's great advice here if your church wants to grow (from a church that is growing) and speaking from a recent expereince of working with a church that started doing some of these things.
  5. Maxwell offers these thoughts on how successful people think

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