10 Q's that need A's before you launch (or have any service)

I spent some time this morning thinking through any "last minute" questions/issues to discuss with Shane Harris before Vertical Community Outreach goes public with their first preview service this Sunday.

As I evaluated the questions, it occurred to me that they are really good questions for any church to ask themselves this week before they have service.

Thought I'd share them here:
(if you're an existing church, replace "Opening Day" with "this Sunday")

1.) What will our guests encounter on Opening Day? (Shane said, kid-friendly, relaxed atmosphere, multi-cultural)
- Greatness?
- Excellence?
- Acceptance?
- Love?
- The Gospel?

2.) How will _________________ (insert name of church) be different than all the other churches in our town? List 5 things. (Shane said, 1. only church outdoors this week; 2. people with signs guiding you to the worship service; 3. free t-shirts AND rompers for babies - no one is doing this!; 4. inflatable bounce houses and a city park - this will be great for post-service relationship building and connecting with the community; 5. service will be multi-cultural. Basically, the white people will be the minority - that's by design because Shane is intentional about bridging the racial lines)

3.) How will you gain contact info? (Shane is giving free t-shirts to all first time attendees - publicity and info, all at once)

4.) How will you process info for follow up? What's the assimilation process look like?

5.) Have you gone through the service in your head and in person?
-Have you practiced your message?

6.) Have you filtered your message through the lens of your DNA, vision and mission?
- along those lines - keep your message positive and encouraging - there's enough bad news in the world
- have no excuses

7.) How will you call people and challenge them to respond to the vision of ______(church)?

8.) As a leader, are you projecting:
- Stability?
- Confidence?
- Strategy?
- Momentum?
- Leadership?

9.) Have you prayed today?
- Have you heard Him speak to you through His Word today?

10.) Are you having fun?
- Enjoy the journey!

Give me some feedback - what else could I ask?

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