One Prayer 2009

i'll be in statesboro speaking at abundant life worship center (i love this city, and this church!).

this week i have the honor of kicking off the one prayer series for pastor travis - so looking forward to it! last year i taught a "stand-alone" message during the one prayer series - last year's message was..."make us gutsy" - this year the thems is not "what is ____" - rather, it is "God is ____" - haven't landed on an exact title (its usually the last thing i do when sermon prepping) - but i know i'll be preaching from Genesis and Galatians (good use of alliteration, heh?)...anyway, if you're not familiar with one prayer - read more here...included a couple of short vids for you to view as well - enjoy!

is your church participating in one prayer?
have you heard of one prayer?
what do you think about one prayer?

if you have a moment, look at the churches that have messages online

for a moment, think about what it would mean to have some other churches bringing the life-giving message of Christ into your church - thoughts?

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