my thoughts on college benedictions

just got in from Emmanuel College's graduation and wanted to download some thoughts...specifically, about the benediction...

typical college graduation ceremonies are not too high on the "excitement scale" or, "out of the box thinking" chart. you pretty much know what's going to happen! today was pretty much the same...the students looked great; the families were out to support in full force; and college had prepared well the facilities, ceremony, staff, etc.

for most people attending, they are there to support a loved one, a friend, or family member. i went today because i hope to continue to build bridges toward these encourage them and perhaps challenge them.

but, the most exciting part of today was the benediction...and, no, not because it was almost over.

instead, because God tugged on my heart to tune out the spoken benediction, and instead pray for these students as they leave this season of their lives behind and enter the next.

here's what i prayed:
  • for their direction - for many, it's an unknown...God, guide them
  • for their creativity - that they use it to influence and create...
  • for their leadership - that they step into roles of leadership in God's timing and lead with integrity, authenticity and Godliness
  • for their family - that they strengthen the God-created-unit called family
there is so much in today's college much potential and creativity!

next time you're at a college/university graduation ceremony, take a moment, tune out the spoken prayer, and pray! pray the things that God puts into you...pray for them! the hope, leadership and church of tomorrow is walking across the platform somewhere - they need your prayers

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