this thought popped in my mind this morning...

are we focused on the ones that are here, or the ones that need to hear?

often, when a ministry sees some evangelistic success (and i really loathe the concept of success as it relates to ministry, but for lack of a better term, i'll use it), that ministry begins to maintain: 1.)because they have "found" the key to success...or, 2.)the ones that made that success a possibility (that'd be the financers, decision makers, power-holders - and every church has them).

but, in my wondering and thinking about this, i wonder if because we had some success, we loose sight of the fact that there are still others that need to hear that are not here?

in other words:
  • do we become so focused on here, that we loose sight and passion for the ones that need to hear?
  • are the ones that are here, considered our 'reward' for a 'job well done' and so, become our sole focus of attention...are they the only ones we hear?
  • do we hear what those that are NOT here are asking?
herein (or, hearing), lies the problem, too often we forget to listen (hear) what the cries of the world are saying to us because we are focused only on those that are here.

as you go through life this weekend (with family, recreation, worship, etc), ask yourself these questions:
  • do i hear the hurt, anguish, pain of those around my in work, school and community?
  • how can i listen so that i hear them?
  • how can i be quiet so that i can hear them?
  • how can i keep from talking so that i can hear them?
  • (btw, we're too focused on talking and don't do enough listening)
  • what am i hearing this morning/evening at church?
  • who needs to hear this?
  • how can i get them here to hear this?
  • what's keeping people from being here?
i know many are "down" on churches that are using fancy lighting, media, drama, high-tech communication and even interactive dialogue (texting during the sermon to answer questions, weigh in and such; twittering the sermon so that others can "hear" what is going on...hmmmm, there's a thought) - but let me weigh in on what i think about all of this criticism...they are all just a tool - just like you're building is, your gym is, your website is, your church bus, your outreach this summer, your youth camp, your worship team...

ultimately, we need to do whatever it takes (come on, you know i don't mean non-sense like promote sin)...whatever it takes to help those that are not here, hear the message of the Kingdom...

in my opinion, helping those hear that are not here is the goal!

do you hear me?

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Debby Bridges said...

I am impressed by your wisdom and insight. The youth of today must be reached. They are bombarded by the world through their technology. We must use what is so normal for them. I am confused by new technology but you understand and can use it all to reach our youth. Bless you in your future endeavors. Use the tools of today and tomorrow.