do you tweet? what is twitter?

Found a couple of other links and tools regarding twitter - decided to post them to this blog and repost it - let me know if you find some good, basic, beginner articles regarding twitter by posting them in the comments section for others to click through to...thanks!

twitter is catching a lot of traction. i signed up early on (as i do with things that i think have the possibility of gaining momentum...).

so, if you're wondering what twitter is, i'm offering a 'roundup' of great twitter-related articles here. most pertain to ministry, some relate to facebook. interesting conversation i had recently...someone thought i spent "a lot of time" on facebook - actually, i spend very little. how do i update my status so often - via twitter (after all, the question is, "what are you doing?" right?). also, i "spot check" facebook throughout the day using my iPhone(while on hold, waiting for a light to turn green or during a takes about 30 seconds to see what's going on). i actually only sign in using a computer once or twice a day - and that only because the facebook app on my iPhone doesn't offer all of the same abilities as the online, on to twitter...and, read these in order...

some other benefits:
  • i use it to update quickly a "news" type item on our conference blog
  • i use it to ask questions of people that i'd never have access to otherwise
  • i use it to pray for others and ask others to pray for me (as i did this morning for my posted to facebook and people prayed - he's better now - prayer works...twittter works...God used these two tools to answer prayer and bring healing to my son
  • i use it to be encouraged by what others are doing in ministry
  • i use it to learn - finding interesting articles that others link to that i'd otherwise never find
  • i use it to stay in touch - hopefully, moreso now with family and friends - my sister is on twitter and thanks to that fact, i know that my niece decided to use her cup of applesauce as a "scrub" for bathing this morning...just a glimpse into their lives while seperated by a couple hundred miles - priceless!
  • finally, i use it to hear from God...through the Body. yes, there have been times when i've read a tweet (a post from a twitter account user) and it has encouraged me, challenged me, or even ended up as a quote that i re-tweeted because it spoke volumes to me...
  • God can use twitter - just be careful that twitter doesn't become your god (or any technology)
i've posted a video that better explains...i suggest you watch it first!

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