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the following are links to some blogs that caught my attention...i've also included a "one-liner" to intrigue you and hopefully encourage you to click through and read some of them...they are on my radar...what's on your radar? please, if there's a blog i need to follow, shout it out...thanks!

please, click on the links below to read the entire posts, then drop back by here and comment...
  • tony nails it in a couple of posts on the new traditional's a line from the post i like: "What would happen if we put less attention on organizing relationships and more attention on giving people something to organize around?"
  • here's the second post on "the new traditional church" - would LOVE to hear your thoughts - this one will stretch many/most of you - please, weigh in. my favorite quote: "...we’d rather play our “hymns” in our services than consider what style of music might more effectively connect with people who need Jesus."
  • mark batterson writes a great post about the Holy Spirit here. my favorite line (ok, it's really a paragraph, but it's good): "Ever been in the awkward situation where people are talking about you like you aren't there but you are there? Don't you hate that? Sometimes I wonder if that is how the Holy Spirit feels. He is the most controversial personality in the Trinity. So we argue about Him like He is some inanimate object which is really ironic because without the Holy Spirit animating us we'd implode and return to dust. Check out Job 34:15."
  • perry write post #2 in his "I Believe" series. i like this line: "I believe the church needs to understand we are called to be a movement…not merely a meeting." Seriously, you NEED to read these and be encouraged...then, tell me what YOU believe...
  • batterson, again, writes this...i've said it, just not this well...yep, totally ripping this's my favorite line...ummm, paragraph: "One of the greatest struggles we face as pastors is centripetal force. That is the inward directed force. Jesus said "Go" which is a centrifugal command. As a church planter, you have to to focus on reaching outsiders because there are no insiders. But as a church gets older and larger, the centripetal force gets stronger! You stop taking risks and start playing it safe. You stop playing offense and start playing defense. You stop leading and start managing. You stop creating the future and start repeating the past." (yep, see it all the time...and this, my friends, is why it's more beneficial evangelistically and economically speaking to PLANT churches than it is to revitalize them...but i haven't given up hope on revitalizing fact, i'm hoping to bring another one on line in the coming weeks to work with for a year)
  • furtick says this: "When churches don’t give our best creative effort to the presentation of the Gospel, we effectively amputate the power of our message.

    When pastors don’t study to show ourselves approved as workmen unto God, and stay on the mountain until our faces shine with the glory of God, we immobilize the influence of God’s Word." (btw, THIS is why many pastors' sermons sound the same...they don't take the time to hear a FRESH Word from God, thus many sermons beat the same drum with a different Scriptural backdrop) - oh, and you need to click the above link to read the Scripture from which this thought is taken.

  • church marketing sucks website shares some examples of when churches need to shut up...ummm, i'd agree with most of these and could add a few favorite line: "Long-winded pulpit explanations that most Sundays aren't like this week (usually because you're talking about church finances or structure)."
  • this post challenged and encouraged the heck out of favorite line: "Personal pain often precedes pubic gain. A.W. Tozer said, “It is doubtful that God can bless a man greatly until He has hurt him deeply.”
  • the guys over at lifechurch's blog (swerve) shared the 4 D's of leadership...great content.
  • finally, a bit of humor for mother's day...some family photos (well, not mine, but they're kind of funny) you have some awkward family photos?

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