what i've been learning

just a few thoughts from recent days:
  • hung out yesterday morning with the daily read from youversion. specifically, it was numbers 33, proverbs 24 and john 6. below are some thoughts that i journaled from my time in God's Word:
  1. in numbers 33 - God tells moses to record the stages of the journey. importance: i'm trying to get into a habit of journaling. i'm still working on it. i hate writing-i'd rather type (much quicker). but the practice of writing causes me to slow down and digest what it is that i'm writing - thus i retain it much better. MORE importantly though, is the fact that we have to see that there are stages to the journey. i've used the word "seasons" for a long time...the fact that we have seasons of our life to travel through. i like the fact that moses had to record the stages of the journey - it's important to see where you came from.
  2. in proverbs 24 - laziness ROBS you of the life more abundantly that God provides through Christ Jesus. here's what a lot of people miss...they leave the responsibility to God for EVERYTHING. their is a cooperative relationship involved. yes, God can do it - no, He can't do it without you - you were PART of the plan (actually He could, but that's not often His pattern).
  3. in john 6 - 2 things: a.) Jesus multiplied the food and their were leftovers. this tells me (i've said this before here) that He overreacted. how many times do we wait to see if there's a pattern before we react and thus miss a, let's see if we have 100 people 4 weeks in a row in service...stupid plan! if you can only hold 90 and you have 100, you need to begin NOW to plan to enlarge, relocate, multiply services - something! but don't wait! if Jesus had done like MANY of our churches the people would've starved! i wonder, how many people are we starving because we're afraid to react, let alone overreact? b.) in vss. 25-33 Jesus dealt with the consumer mindset - hey, it's a fact - deal with it! people are consumers by nature (think back to the fall). stop fighting it! accept it and begin the point of the point of reach...people!
  • on to other random thoughts...
  • ramping up for a series of very busy weeks in preparation for our summer camp meeting and conference. in the process, i'm trying to learn some new software so that we can do all graphic design and brochures in house...HUGE learning curve...we'll see what may not get designed this year by me, but it will going forward.
  • had a great lunch yesterday with a great friend - great to hear what God's doing in his life and in his church. i love to see things moving forward and see God at work - thanks Todd.
  • excited that the braves are off to a great start - love watching baseball. however, the jackets killed the dawgs in baseball - not good! we're better than that!
  • my son is prepping a sermon for entry into teen talent - it'll be a 5 minutes short sermon - excited about what he has to say. i've heard it and i think it's great!
  • i've been learning that communication and expecation are two of the MOST important things leaders in churches can work on - CONSTANTLY! did i mention constantly? yep, constantly! really though, expectation gets taken care of by communication - so just focus on that ONE.
  • one of the churches i've been working with closely in revitalizing has doubled in the past few months (4) - hats off to travis and his leaders at ALWC - they are getting it done and i love seeing what God is doing in their midst
  • we have another church that's planning to launch soon in barnesville - know anyone there? let me know! the launch team is now around 50! - that's stinkin' awesome - a lot of churches don't even have that many folks and they've been around decades.
  • i'm praying and thinking about creative ways to fund church planting going forward...have some ideas!
  • will spend some time soon talking out loud with other leaders about these ideas - excited to see what happens!
  • pondering a post - help me decide if i should write'll be titled, "The go-to-hell church" - i think it'll probably cause some controversy - should i write it?
  • learning that there is a huge leadership deficit in churches. for example, i wonder how many church boards have people on them that have NO clue how to grow a church? worse yet, i wonder how many pastors don't take the time to grow, develop and teach their boards about how to grow a church? or, even worse, i wonder how many pastors don't spend time trying to learn how to grow a church?
  • btw, that' whole "grow a church thing" is called evangelism! (just in case you think it's about "numbers" or "having a large church" - it's not/it is - it's BOTH/AND!)
  • i'm learning that we don't do enough in our local college to teach the students in the ministry track about: evanglism, church planting, assimilation, and the "business" side of Kingdom business. to their credit, they are doing a great job in leadership and leadership development (along with Bible classes, etc)

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