Exponential 09 Conference

just wanted to throw together a post real quick of some things that i brought back from Exponential 09.

this is a mix of things learned, things gleaned, things thought about, and things, things, things...
  • church planting is "hot" right now - denominations are struggling to attract new people to the role of church planter
  • networks, on the other hand, are not struggling...hmmmmmmmm...what can we learn?
  • here's one of my CHIEF takeaways...we have to create permission-giving structures
  • the Swedish Baptist General Conference changed there name to Converge - pretty cool! can denominations do that? - oh yes they for thought?!?!
  • what makes you distinctive makes you dangerous - in other words, the thing that made vineyard distinctive early on, made them dangerous...thoughts?
  • mcmanus statement (from a book - dunno which) - "most people never seize the divine moment because of previous success" - wow and ouch all in one...
  • church planters in their 20's and 30's lack three things: wisdom, influence, and resources - wouldn't it be great if denoms could give these things - yes! and we will!
  • movemental! (great word...perhaps a word to measure what we do everything by..."is it movemental" - in other words, does it lead to a movement?)
  • contend for the Gospel
  • contextualize the Gospel
  • relationships are key
  • relationships are key
  • REALationships are key
  • we need the above in the US - we haven't seen it YET!
  • DT Niles said, "a Christian is just one beggar showing another beggar where to find food" - simple, powerful, communicates well and may just find it's way into a sermon or 40
  • we have to love muslims - we don't
  • church planting is not easy or beautiful - it's hard - but unless you stay in the game, you can't be used by God
  • WRONG QUESTION: what is the right way to do church?
  • RIGHT QUESTION: what does it mean to fulfill God's purposes?
  • it's the Gospel of the Kingdom, not the Gospel of Salvation that must be preached - there's more to it than just salvation!
  • never, never, NEVER villify another religion - Acts 17. start with where people are...don't tell people what's wrong with their religion, tell them what's right with yours.
  • a movement will never be safe, predictable or clean
  • a movement will never be about your ministry (Kingdom!)
  • the scorecard has changed for leading a movement - we can't use the old measurements of success
  • don't blame yourself on last week's low attendance, if you do, you'll take credit for next weeks increase - read that again!
  • 3 rules for Kingdom living: 1.) Jesus rules me; 2.) Jesus rules among us; 3.) Jesus rules through us
  • proximity is NOT the same as intimacy
  • in order to lead a movement: 1.) you'll have to see what others don't see; 2.) do what others don't do; 3.) hurt like others don't hurt

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