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a quick update:
  • i love my job - seriously, when i think about the opportunities God has given me - WOW! at times i miss local church work and the integration of relationships therein, but God has put some people into our life as a family that makes what we're doing so much easier and more enjoyable.
  • one church i'm working with has seen some great outreach efforts pay off - Go God! i love seeing the local church effective, powerful, and passionate - too many are missing those ingredients
  • spoke last week at fsphc and took the opportunity to honor one of my college instructors (actually, he was dean of scm at the time) - he spoke and poured into my life some powerful truths that i've always held to - it was a great moment and totally caught him off guard.
  • looking forward to speaking at COC this week - gonna be a good week! this is a church that is poised to do great things in their community.
  • headed to unleash tomorrow with todd - gonna be amazing! newspring is flat getting it done! can't wait to learn from them and pour into others.
  • i love the longer days - get more done in the evening this way - tonight i unloaded firewood that i cut up on saturday
  • spekaing of local churches - can i say the two thigns that i would saw ALL churches NEED to improve upon: communication and expectation - people don't always know where you're going pastor, what you're thinking, or what you're doing - you have to OVER-communicate and CLEARLY define expectations and work through them - just food for thought
  • 24 is clearly the best season yet! love the twists!
  • my son has his first girlfriend....a new phase of parenthood - i love them all - it's a great joy to parent our children - they are such a blessing to me!
  • played golf a few days ago and really drove the ball well on some shots...that usually stokes the fire to want to play more - watch out!
  • i love my job - did i mention that? i love where we are as a family - life is great!
  • i'm considering a fast from all news - there's too much negativity in it - they are CONSTANTLY painting this negative picture - you want negative? go to a third world country and see someone that has NEVER had or a job and only gets a bowl of rice for food when there's enough. no! we're in a tough place, but we're not by ANY stinkin' means spinning out of control. yes, i know people are losing job - it's affected my family! but we still have a home and a reasonable way to live - get a grip - God is not surprised by all of this!
  • and speaking of that - this is THE TIME when the church can and should for crying out loud step up and LEAD! Listen to people! Answer their questions! You can reach people by just doing those two things! (READ that again...)
  • i have about 30+ books to read - i've adopted mark batterson's practice of laying books to be read horizontally on my bookshelf. read ones are vertical - there's a whole bunch of books to be read. i also put myself on a 6 month fast from buying books. i've saved a LOT of money both personally and as a business expense by doing this...
  • going to work with a church and their leaders next week - that NEVER gets old!
  • considering a missions trip to africa at the first of next year - i have an invite to go, just gotta raise the money - want to give?
  • for those going to Unleash - i'm freakin' stoked!
  • oh yea, the main sessions will be streamed live on the internet here
  • that's it - gotta go shower and have some family time - perhaps a bit of idol...

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