post-unleash post

i attended for the first time the annual leadership conference at newspring church just up the road in anderson, are some take-away thoughts. (confession, didn't take notes - my motherboard on my laptop is fried and it's being replaced...i hate writing, so i'll go back and watch the sessions online live and note-take then) - here are some of the more powerful quotes that i've picked up from other sites that were said yesterday
  • Instead of building His church, we’re asking Him to build our church.
  • The Gospel doesn’t change, but the church has to.
  • The number of Christians in America is declining. Why? I blame the church.
  • Everyone here can look at another church and call the change they need to make. But can you do that for your church?
  • The church has a choice: change or die.
  • A movement of God is messy.
  • We have to get comfortable being uncomfortable.
  • If you you want change in your church, you have to do more than pray about it.
  • Are we serious about reaching the world?
  • I think a lot of churches aren’t serious about reaching the world.
  • God didn’t call your church to condemn the city. God called your church to reach the city.
  • Why would you want to limit what God could do in his church?
the whole experience was rich! the worship was refreshing and powerful. the teaching from perry was as always eye-opening and challenging.

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