build 3 churches

recently i was in a church revitalization conference with a couple of leaders in denominational coaching, revitalization and consulting. there were two key presenters: stan toler and conrad lowe - both men are highly gifted in leadership, communication and powerful speakers. both have worked alongside of john maxwell (who, by the way, is now blogging & twittering!)

dr. lowe challenged us on saturday with this model:
there are three churches that you build:
  • first, the one in your heart
  • second, the one in your home
  • third, the one in your community
first, the church in your heart - you, as a leader, have to grow and be challenged to grow - bottom line according to lowe is that if the church has stopped growing, the pastor has stopped growing. if you've met resistance and been there more than 3 years, the people are purely a reflection of you. so, if you want to see them grow - be the leader worth following so that you can move forward. side note, i've been guilty and most pastor/leaders have at one time or another thought this: "i love ministry, just not the people" - that is a horrible statement which we all need to strike from our mouths - people are what make ministry and people are what Christ died for!

second, the church in your home - bottom line, lead your family to God first. set the example of being the church at home. many pastors make this the last priority - Jesus died for the church, you don't have to and neither does your family!

third, the church in your community - this is where most pastors start - this is the LAST place to build - build the first two, then work on this one.

some questions:
1.) am i growing as a leader?
2.) do i love the church?
3.) do i lead my family?
4.) am i cheating on my spouse of children by making church the top priority?
5.) what is the "one thing" i can change today?

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