ignoring the problem

curious...have you ever ignored a problem, thinking it would "just go away?"

i have - in fact, i kind of am right now. the past few days i've been coughing, sneezing, dealing with sinus pressure and a headache - i haven't gone to the doctor because i'm hoping it'll just go away. and even though i ignore going to the doctor, i still have the same problems. (although much less severe now - im just about over it)

one definition of ignore (based on the latin) is "to not know"

Question: how do you "not" know?

the problem with ignoring is not that we don't know - it's that we know, but pretend "to not know" - which is really an issue of our choices.

choices...choices are powerful and choices are permanent

life is full of them - my friend chris maxwell has a powerful post here about the number 30 - it's a must read! he talks about choices in it and gives us some things to think about.

all it takes is 30 seconds, or 3 seconds...all it takes is one instance of "ignoring" - pretending that we don't know something, when in fact we do.

proverbs 1:25 gives us a powerful image of what ignoring something (or someone) can do: "since you ignored all my advice and would not accept my rebuke, I in turn will laugh at your disaster; will mock when calamity overtakes you"
if you're unfamiliar with this part of the Bible, the primary theme has to do with wisdom. starting in the first part of chapter 1 of proverbs, you hear words of instruction...from there it moves to words of temptation, finally it moves to words of salvation or destruction - depending on whether or not we choose to "ignore" - pretend we don't know.

the interesting thing is that God always gives instruction and direction for man's good (although we may not always see it or think so) - but man in his selfish motives and refusal to accept the words, will ignore them quite often - which leads to destruction

i see people all the time who ignore a problem - perhaps it's an aging relative that won't see the doctor because they don't want to possibly hear traumatic or life-altering words from the doctor's lips - perhaps it's a parent who refuses to have his son or daughter tested at school because they don't want to hear that their child has a learning difficulty or behavior problem - perhaps it's a husband that refuses to take the car to the repairman because he's afraid of the costs associated with the repair - perhaps it's an auto maker that refuses to hear the negative sales numbers and brushes it aside chalking it up to a recession - perhaps it's a friend that refuses to confront another friend's sin because she or he knows that it may be worse than imagined - perhaps it's a pastor that refuses to believe that he or she is not effectively communicating and leading the congregation and it could be on their shoulders (instead chalking it up to (an uncooperative spirit in the people, or, a refusal to change in the people) perhaps...

perhaps if we stop playing games, stop ignoring situations (such as those mentioned above) and started seeking solutions. the interesting thing is that in ALL of the scenarios mentioned above, help could be found, solutions would quite likely be available and a different outcome could be experienced...

if we don't ignore the problem

the choice it your...

the choice is mine!


Anonymous said...

Great post Rick,I have to agree with you; ignoring a problem is way easier than confronting it. bless you man!

Anonymous said...

glad to hear your getting better, wish i cold say the same. but i've ignored it this ling without a doctor, i'm sure if i just ignore it a few more days it will go away ... hmmmm let me read this post again.

Anonymous said...

Despite my weak attempt at being witty on your fb status post about this, it is very good stuff. You know me enough to know that often I do choose not to choose, which is usually the worst choice. I have already confronted this in myself and vowed not to do that in this new year. I am going to be decisive and on purpose!