the truth about you

recently received a new book/resource from thomas nelson for review by marcus buckingham titled, the truth about you (if you'd like to preview a bit of it, click here)
a little background...i heard buckingham a couple years ago at catalyst and was blown away - great, great, great speaker! very engaging and insightful. i've known people that have read his "strengths" book and been really helped by them. i haven't read them, so when i was offered one of his books for free to review, i jumped at the occassion. let me say this in one word - letdown!

first, the bad, then the good...

  • novelty packaging - i know its important to grab the shopper's attention with packaging and covers...but this is "gadgety" at best - it's packeged in 3 section: first a 20 minute DVD, then a 100 page book, then a "re-memo" pad - save yourself the trouble and just watch the video - then you've got it
  • way too long - this book could've been written in 25 pages or less
  • lack of spiritual theme - i know this subject matter doesn't require "support verses" from Scripture - problem i see with is that it doesn't have a "verse foundation" - in other words, it's purely based on observation of human behavior with NO reconciliation or reflection of Scritpure
  • the "re-memo" pad is way to large to carry around - as advised to do
the good:
here are a few quotes that REALLY stood out to me:
  • "your organization doesn't care primarily about you or your strengths" "cares most about performance"
  • "a weakness is any activity that leaves you feeling weaker after you do it"
  • "a strength...any activity that makes you feel strong"
  • "people join because of the 'why'...they stay because of the 'who' the end they quit because of the 'what'"
  • "in the end, the 'what' always trumps the 'why' and the 'who'"
  • ask this question, "WHAT will i be paid to do" (he consistently hits this point over and over and for good reason)
  • i like his "one last tactic" for dealing with our weaknesses - suck it up and move on (not exactly his words but really close)
so, who is this book good for...those working with young adults trying to figure out their life's purpose, those in career transition or career discovery...those going through midlife crises regarding their job - it may not really be a crises, you could be in the wrong place! i wouldn't recommened this book to everyone and the price is prohibitive (lists @ 29.99 on back) enough to say that it should really only be for a small audience. i think the text and premise of the book belong better in a better crafted "purpose-driven" type book

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