stewardship of a problem - pt. 2

given some thought about yesterday's post - in fact, at one point last night while thinking about it, i almost pulled it down. i began to wonder if my language was too forceful...then i got over it!

seriously, i've encountered SO MANY stories similar to this one - you have to remember, i have a: dad, brother-in-law, sister, cousin, roomie-from-college, and many, many pastor friends (not all the same person - i know it's georgia, but come on) that i talk to...i just have never been able to formulate it into one succinct issue...

the stewardship of a problem

today i want to talk about a few principles that help in these scenarios:

1.) the principle of expecation - my good friend todd wrote this post several month ago and it still sticks with me - in his post he said
For revival to start it requires people that come expecting God to do more than they normally expect. It requires faith, raised expectation and effort. If you want the same old same old then show up with your same old expectations and that’s what you will get. The only thing holding back revival is our satisfaction with the status quo.
now, go back and re-read that last line - did you get it? it's anointed and it's true
2.) the principle of overreaction - don't remember where i heard this from (and i may have even blogged about it here...) - when the disciples came to Jesus asking if they should send the crowd away, he asked what they had (there's an important point!), he blessed it, it was multiplied and there were LEFTOVERS - Jesus overreacted! he didn't wait to see if it was a "bump in the road" (the people may be hungry...), he didn't send out a polling committee to analyze the situation, the potential impact and the forcasted future - he overreacted! but, of course, he was the messiah....ok, what about peter and john in acts chapter 3 with the beggar - he asked them for money (acts 3:3) - peter "overreacted" and offered healing - not a bad deal for that guy! todd calls it "flying into motion" - whatever you call it - DO SOMETHING! - DON'T do NOTHING!
3.) the principle of thanfulness - seriously, when we face these know, the ones where we are stretched, challenged and discomforted, we MUST embrace them with an attitude of thankfulness BECAUSE we have the opportunity to steward it well - which leads to the last...
4.) the principle of stewardship - more and more in my walk with Christ, i'm convinced that realationship - spelling intentional - and stewardship are keys to our growth as followers of Christ

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Rachel said...

I didn't think the previous post was out of line at all. Could be because I've been around you WAY too long! ;)
Great post yesterday and today!