a pattern of confilct

spent a little time reading this morning in acts 10 & 11 and i noticed something...

this is the account of cornelius sending for peter, peter having the tripped out dream (just sayin' it sounds tripped out, not saying he WAS tripped out - it'd blow my mind as well if God showed me something of that nature) about the animals in a sheet, God speaking to peter, the men showing up for peter, and him returning to cornelius' house...

back to the thing i noticed (ok, maybe several things)
  • after the gentiles believed and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, word quickly spread back to judea about what had happened
  • peter got grilled for entering the home of a gentile and even eating with them - shocking!
  • jk, what is truly shocking is the religious posture of these deeply religious people...they assumed the worst - ever heard what happens when we ass-u-me?
  • rather than get the facts first, they went negative first...isn't that the tendency?
  • it's so much easier to go negative than to assume positive isn't it?
  • love peter's positive, calm and deliberate manner of handling the situation
  • acts 11:4 says peter told them exactly what happened - isn't it great to be able to thouroughly, deliberately and exactly be able to retell the course of events - man that our politicians, elitist business ceo's and society could learn that priniciple!
  • you can only do that when you DO NOT go negative with the people that assume against you!
  • after the good news of how the gentiles believed, they partied! it was a God-party thing says they "stopped objecting and began praising God"
  • here's one more thing...when you're doing something completely radical (the whole dream, guys showing up thing is pretty radical to us isn't it?) can expect their to be opposition. don't take the defensive posture though. allow God to work in and through you so that His work can be complete. then, if there comes a question or objection, simply, calmly and deliberately explain what happened - much better than a tirade or tantrum isn't it?
  • thoughts...?

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Anonymous said...

hey man that is an awesome way of saying we need to think POSITIVE right I an with you man