mutual submission

this is taken from an andy stanley podcast about creating a cuture of mutual submission in your organization, business or churh...

do for one when you can't do for all
  • too often we have this mentality, "well i can't get everyone a new computer, so i'm not going to get any computers"
  • incarnational servant leadership is "i know i cant do for all, but when i CAN do for one, i will"
  • typically the higher up you go in an organization the tendency is to NOT do for one SINCE you can't do for all - you have to refuse that mentality
  • he does a 3 month evaluation and 12 month eval. - "do you have all the tools you need to do your job?" - when he gets one and he CAN do something, he breaks all the rules and gets it
  • you can't greet everybody - so you find someone that you can greet
  • symbolic leadership - you do for one what you wish you could do for all
  • look for opportunities to do the unexpected thing
  • fairness is the enemy of rightness
  • fairness is not a biblical value
  • after the garden of eden, fairness went out the door
  • do what's right - not what's fair
systematize top-down service
  • random acts of kindness are not enough in leadership
  • you have to systematize the way you serve them
  • build it into the rhythm of the organization
  • "how can i build it into our organization, how do i serve people?"
  • he asks people after 3 months to evaluate the organization - they have fresh eyes - anything off purpose or off mission? - do you have a close friend at work?
  • they have staff coaches - these are people that are there so that the staff is NOT frustrated - people the staff can go to in confidence and get help
  • you don't want people going home frustrated about the organization you've created - find a way to get rid of the frustration
  • there are some things - many things - we can fix organizationally if we have a way to vent our frustration
get in the habit of asking, 'how can i help?'
  • stanley has 4 direct reports and a leadership team of about 10 people
  • annually, when setting goals, etc - he tells them to go back and find the ONE thing that he(stanley) can do to help them achieve their objectives - not 4 or 5 things, just one thing that he can do to drop in their area and make a contribution toward their goals
  • he doesn't have to do that - but he's mutually submitted to them
  • the point is NOT to flatten the organization, it's to make it mutually submitted
Other notes:
  • problem with consensus leadership is that it's not biblically modelled to us - Jesus is the head - that's point leadership!
  • if you're thinking about mutual submission, the first question to ask is: "do i really want to do this?" - do i really want to serve back down through the organization
  • when people feel like they are heard at the top - that creates mutual submission.
  • make sure your organization has a sustainable pace...its in the sustainable pace that margin is created an in that margin is where you serve other people.

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