monday morning mind dump

it's been a quick couple of weeks and i haven't had much time to here are some thoughts and some "catch-up" things...
  • spent one week in branson at the sr. adult convention (no, i don't qualify as a member of that group yet todd, rachel and jeff). i went because bill has been sick the past few weeks with some sort of virus (he was to go, but had to back out).
  • branson looks like a great family destination. we took in a couple of shows while there - one was great, the other was supposed to be great. i'd love to see the area when the leaves haven't fallen. the bus ride out was long, if i had been driving myself i think i would've driven straight through (and shaved some time off as well). driving through tennessee and kentucky was cool - love to go through those states.
  • lessons learned while in branson: sr. adults are like teenagers ("are we there yet" & "is it time to eat yet"); thankful for those that have blazed a trail following Christ before me...they've kept the faith alive, the dream a reality and made a difference "in their generation" - may it be true for ours!; spicy margarita mix fruit does not go over well with sr. adults; the cheese grits in branson tasted like dressing/stuffing (depends on where you are from) - that's JUST WRONG!; our students @ SWCU are really learning a lot from dr. trammel - great speaker!; if you walk to s'bux in 16 degree weather and order a hot coffee, it'll be a cold coffee rather quickly; our CEM team is doing a great job in all they do - love the teamwork and commraderie that i saw
  • when i got back from branson, it was time for vacation...we spent one day at the world of coke (really cool place to visit), got sick from drinking all the samples - if you go, you must try the "beverly from italy" (its the taste that keeps on tasting) - i was hoping they'd have the "new coke" from the mid-80's - been jonesing for some of that for 28 years now (jk) - seriously, nothing is as good as the original - now if i can just find the world of mt. dew
  • also spent some time with family in north carolina, north georgia and central georgia - it was the "tour de turkey" for us - great time visiting with all of our family - we are really blessed to have such great family (and thankful for all of them)!
  • the dawgs lost - i honestly didn't think we were a #1 team, but i didn't think we'd end up out of the top 10. what follows are my novice opinions... i know richt says no coaching changes, i think it's a bad decision. i think we need some new leadership in defensive coaching - everything rises and falls on leadership! 5 games where the opposition scored more than 35 points (359 total points scored against us all season). we weren't ready for the triple option threat. i know injuries plagued us this year, but missed tackles and missed assignments are no excuse.
  • the falcons look really impressive - matt ryan is the real deal - great leadership!
  • we spent one week with the folks at COTN - great to worship with them. we love the people there and it's great to be with them when we can.
  • got a new iphone - i've used a LOT of phones (i worked for att/cingular) and i must say this is the most impressive device i've ever found - the competition (blackberry storm, etc) will play catch up with this device for a long time! the batterys isn't great, but the available apps and simplicity of use is remarkable
  • i bought my wife's Christmas gifts first this year-that should be worth some points:)

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