things we must do after the election

on election day +1 these thought are going through my head:
  1. find peace - my peace is found in the relationship that i have with Christ and His Lordship in my life. my life is absent of fear or worry because God is sovereign and His plan is being unfolded
  2. pray for our president-elect - i have prayed for our president-elect and his family. the gravity and intensity of the leadership chair he is assuming is enormous - he needs our prayers!
  3. set the example - i will model calmness and take the high-road in the spirit of patriotism before my children. fact is, i'm proud to be an america (where at least i know...ok, never mind). i'm proud of our nation and the model that our founding fathers established for fairness in the election process. i want my children to know that its ok to not have your candidate win, its ok to disagree, but that after all is said and done, i'm and we will move forward
  4. pray some more - we will pray and ask God's blessing on the obama family - and we will not do so based on agenda or fear, but becaue truly i want him to have God's leadership in all things
  5. move on - that's right, it's over - it can't be done - it's in the past. now, it's time to move on. get involved. put your money where your mouth is. and your time and your energy and your resources. we should be a part of the process, but our hope and confidence should always be in God
next couple of days, i'm going to cut and paste some thoughts from others that resonate with me...