perhaps the greatest crises facing us...

this year has brought tremendous challenge and change to all who live in the US as well as around the globe. we have seen the crises of energy and oil dependence rob our checking accounts on a more frequent basis as the price of oil sky-rocketed. we have seen the affects of greed on the part of not just the CEO-elite, but also on those who really had no business purchasing homes that were way beyond their budgets. whether poor or rich, we have witnessed the effect of "instantaneous gratification" become the modus operandi for men and women.

we have seen the shift of thinking from "work hard, save, save, buy" to "i'll work when i want, do what i want, finance what i want and get what i want." what used to take families 20+ years to obtain, is now sought after with only a couple of years of marriage or career pursuit. our selfishness to have, do, and buy has rendered the final verdict that we are a nation and a people that are greedy.

we have abdicated responsibility. instead of assuming personal resonsibility, we shift blame to the government...and then look to them for a handout to bail us out of the mess our greed has put us in. (responsibility is another post for another day).

but perhaps the greatest crises facing us is...

over the next few days i'll elaborate more on this theme, but for today, i challenge you with this one key thought...

how can i lead MYSELF better?

think about the following:
  • i've heard it said, (code for i don't remember who said it) "your gifting may get you to the platform, but it's your character that will keep you there"
  • before you can lead others, your relationship with God MUST be solid, pure and devoted - see ps 51:10-12...then look at how david realizes this point in vs. 13.
  • we've all done it...watched a leader, and as that leader lead, begun to evaluate how we would do it differently...then we somehow assign a "grade" or "evaluation" of that person's leadership - forget that for a moment
  • evaluate yourself and begin to formulate the "grade" you would assign to yourself as a leader of yourself
  • how'd you do?

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