how to know if you're a leader

continuing in my thoughts about leadership...

my last post dealt with the fact that perhaps the biggest crises facing us is not energy, going green or even abortion - it's the fact that there is an continental sized deficit in leadership!

when the leadership crises is resolved, others issues are resolved!

think about it:
  • balancing the nation's budget - needs leadership!
  • overturning radical judicial zealots - needs leadership!
  • raising a family - needs leadership!
  • reaching and changing a community - needs leadership!
  • making an impact into drug-blanketed neighborhoods - needs leadership!
  • rescuing women from sex slavery/trade - needs leadership!
  • leading a church - needs leadership!
  • leading a small group - needs leadership!
  • coaching a child's team - needs leadership!
  • making significant changes in one's own life - needs leadership!
all of the above situations are very real areas where their is an obvious and apparent leadership crises because there is a leadership deficit.

so, how do you know if you're a leader?

take a look around!

leadership is NEVER alone...
  • who are you leading?
  • at work?
  • at church?
  • as a coach?
  • in the school pto?
  • in your neighborhood?
leadership is never alone!

if you're alone, you're not a leader - you're a follower...that's ok, just don't try to act like a leader - be the BEST follower you can until you lead again...



Patrice said...

You so impress me with your revelations!
I love you

John B said...

I'm all about that "collection of Random-ness", at the top of your BLOG!
Good to "see" you and the fam. Let's practice that leadership stuff on our calendars and make a visit happen too! ha,ha. Lots to discuss. Let's Roll!