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The Chronological Study Bible (Bible Nkjv)
i recently received a copy of the chronological study bible and thought i'd offer up my review of it here:
  • it's defintely not the bible you want to take with you on sunday to church, because the layout of it is so different from that of standard bibles. navigating to various passages in a bible study or sermon would make it difficult to keep up.
  • it's laid out in chronological fashion (of course some areas are up for debate on the exact sequence of events) - here's an example: in skimming along 1 chronicles one goes from chapter 25 to chapter 26:19 to psalm 15, then psalm 24, 42-49, psalm 84, 85, 87 then back to 1 chronicles 26:20
  • this is a GREAT study bible to understand the historical context of many of the events.
  • there are numerous (almost too numerous!) short articles relating to things such as: customs, people, plants, culture, laws, etc - typically, there are 3-5 short articles per "spread" (two pages open, laying flat) - the problem is that it's almost an overload of information - for me it was a bit of a distraction, BUT, knowing that it's a study bible (and not one i'd use for regular daily reading), will keep me coming back to it
  • one more issue regarding the articles is that some of them refer to (or cite) a passage of scripture on a previous or following page - rather than appear on the SAME page as the passage cited - felt like a bit more work in layout could've prevented that.
  • this will surely be a bible i keep nearby for study and reference work - chronological bibles are nothing new (see here) - but this one offers some great contextual pieces that supplement the text
  • you can read about the details of what this study bible offers here

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