twitter...take 2

you've seen it here before...twitter

well, i've decided to give it another shot to see what i like & dislike about it...

for those that don't know what twitter's basically a "micro-blogging" site - it gives you the opportunity to set up a page (mine is - i know, real original), then send updates to that page based on what you're thinking, what you're doing, etc. you can send pics to the page, urls of other websites, etc. the cool thing is that people can subscribe to your feeds (the information you send) and follow along and you can follow along on others. currently, some of the cool tweets i'm following are: max lucado, fast company (a business magazine), billy hornsby (church planting guru), thom rainer (pres. of lifeway bookstores and church research guru), matthew barnett, catalyst and only ONE IPHC person (props to megan for being an early adopter and encouraging me to sign on). twitter gets the "micro" description because it uses SMS (short message service...or text messaging) which means each update is only 140 characters or less.

so, there's my basic definition of twitter...

here are a few articles to that have been written that do a better job - check them out.
what is twitter?
several habits of highly successful twitter users
newbies guide to twitter
tech you might want to use: twitter (great article relating to ministry use)

oh yea, i don't use the text messaging part (i do have text messaging, just not unlimited - too cheap for that) - i use twitterberry (a small app) that i downloaded to my blackberry that runs all the messages throughg it and it doesn't 'look' like a text. when i'm on my laptop, i use tweetdeck and leave it on in the background.

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