on the radar

i currently have a ton of blogs by others tagged to refer you to...but i've boiled it down to 5 important ones - please, take your time to check some of these out - some have some things to say that you need to hear...thanks and enjoy.
  1. furtick uses a great analogy to talk about taking things into our own hands
  2. these next few blog references are to a new blog that i'm following and i absolutely love it - its quickly becoming one of my favorites: first, lead yourself. second, maximizing stewardship. third, little things matter. finally, recharging. go check out this blogsite and all the other things available on it - very well done with a ton of great resources
  3. five reasons why EVERY pastor ought to be blogging
  4. awesome post (and really easy to read) comparing "leader man" and "servant man"
  5. finally, if you lead volunteers...must read!

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