monday morning random-ness

great weekend!
  • our son's soccer team won decisively to a team they had lost to just 5 days prior - score was 5-1!
  • georgia lost (NOT great), but they played like they should've in the second half - got to have that passion and leadership for 60, not 30.
  • my fantasy football team is kicking tail! speaking of football, who saw this weekend's upsets coming? wow!
  • date night this weekend with some other couples from church - went to see fireproof - let me emphatically endorse this movie and do ALL that i can to compel EVERY couple to go see it. men, take the lead and take your wife...take tissues also (you may need them, she will!). awesome movie that will encourage you to step up and lead. i love this movie and am now on a path of telling everyone to go see it - MAKE IT HAPPEN!
  • i've added two new IPHC bloggers to my blogroll - the blogosphere is gaining traction in the IPHC - would LOVE to see it continue to build as we head into next year's Gen. Conf. - the A/G's were able to really use the blogosphere to educate and motivate for their recent changes. the first one is from a youth pastor locally that i meet with occasionally - jim's blog here. the second blog is one that've i've just found using google's alert feature. doug's blog is here - oh yea, most importantly, they just planted a hispanic church!
  • here are some other blogs that i've come across in my bloglines reader:
  • lessons from harry truman - i love this quote, “A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties.”
  • joe biden ticks me off! - i love this post and wholeheartidly agree with tim
  • "let's play it safe" vs. "let's risk it all" - great post and right where i've been living
  • it was great to visit genesis church in cumming, ga. i love this congregation. they are led by an awesome leadership team and pastors. God's doing great things in their midst, they are growing, they are planning for the future...things are happening!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rick thanks for adding me to your blog roll. I appreaciate it very much. Another PH blogger can be found at

Thanks again!

Steve Ely
Passion Church