friday morning unwind

quick post of what's on my mind...
  • the braves stink this year!
  • the dawgs look good - but they have a LONG road ahead of or two losses should be expected - if we escape the year unbeaten, then there will be no need for a nat'l championship game - we just earn the trophy
  • the falcons...lots of heart and rebuilding...sold out a home game - the road to recovery
  • my fantasy football team - taking after the braves!
  • the georgia conference website is up and running!
  • my blog needs more attention - yes, i know!
  • but with time and travel demands, my wife and kids get the attention first
  • our dog had surgery yesterday - good news - we know we'll never have to worry about puppies. bad news - she's a DQ!
  • my daughter has the chicken pox - not cool for her, but she's been a trooper and we've spent most of the week together - that's cool
  • God's dealing with me about holiness - we've so lost our fear and reverence of God that we no longer fear Him. my previous post pointed out a quote about the holiness of God and the love of rocked my world because throughout Scripture we see where God SEPERATES Himself from all other gods and sin - and that's where HE calls us to as well - to be seperate! the love of God is important (and that post didn't try to qualify which is "more" important) - just the fact that the BIBLE records a TON about the holiness, seperate-ness of God!
  • the news about ray boltz...the "spotlight preachers"...the everyday person. people, we are being SO STINKING deceived by the enemy into complacency and compromise - God DEMANDS holiness and we REFUSE to live up to that demand...yes, i'm passionate about this. as much as i may have ridiculed some of the 'old-time' holiness standards, practices and people, i now repent! here's one thing i realize - they ACTED our of reverence and fear of God. we've lost that!
  • oh, and by the way, "ACTED" is all caps because there's a book in the bible called "Acts" - it's not called, "Thoughts" or "Ideas" - it's Acts - these are the Acts of the early apostles - wonder what kind of book would be written about us - what stories would be told - what "acts" would be recorded - God make us holy!
  • preaching this coming sunday pm at fsphc...the elevate service - humbled, but excited about the opportunity to preach/teach in this setting with college, high school and middle school students. continuing my "one prayer" series of sermons in churches that i visit
  • i love my job - so great to see God orchestrate my past and my path in life to bring me to where we are now as a family and where i am as a minister - its awesome!
  • i love our churches and i hurt for our pastors - folks, pray for your pastor - trust me...he NEEDS it! whether things are going good or bad or just so-so, pray for him!
  • i was a day late for a conference - that'll be a good sermon point one day - totally missed it in my blackberry even after the "reminder" came on - lot of good that did! (i'm laughing and smiling now as i type this, i wasn't when i realized it)
  • really want the blackberry bold when it's release but it's going to cost too stinking much - so i'll wait until all the hubub dies down and get it for a cheaper price - maybe!
  • i don't get the ryder cup tournament - i love golf, but i dont get it!
  • getting more and more fired up about becoming debt free - pray that we can get there quickly!
  • we bought a piano and my daughter is taking lessons - it's become a great thing to have in our home. my wife and i also are tinkering around with it - good times


Debbie C. said...

Right about the Braves. Don't know about GA Dawgs, don't follow them. What is a DQ?

Debbie C. said...

sorry about the second comment, but you are so RIGHT ON about the holiness issue. We are missing it bigtime and I don't know what the answer is. I don't know why people are so caught up in the web of deceit. It grieves my heart.