one of the things that i have come to grips with in my new multi-faceted role with our denomination is this:

the dna of the ministry must flow from the dna of the leader

said another way:

the dna of the leader will be exhibted in the dna of the ministry

let me bring this home with a bit of a self-history lesson:
  • church plant #1 that i was involved with had a leader whose leadership-dna was strongly influenced by the word of faith movement (understand, i'm not oppossed to that necessarily, i'd rather be a word of faith person than a word of doubt person!) - consequently, the ministry had elements of the word of faith movement that were obvious. for example: a strong belief in what one "confesses." also, a strong focus on faith and healing.
  • church plant #2 that i was involved with had a leader that was a strong teacher. consequently, there was a strong emphasis on a teaching style of preaching. a strong emphasis on educating believers. all, very good and nothing to be ashamed of.
  • ministry role #1 had a strong emphasis on structure, order and authority. so, you get the picture...the leader was a big proponent of authority, structure, etc.
  • ministry role #2 had a leader who operated and allowed others to operate in the prophetic gift. so, the church's worship was prophetic in nature, the teaching and structure of the service flowed so that there was "room" (not the best word, but it works for now) for the prophetic to flow.
  • the unstated thing in all of these scenario's was this: each leader felt he was right! know what? he was! and these leaders understood that, yet left room for others and other structures or points of emphasis
  • i've left some places and ministry roles out and not necessarily placed them in order...just trying to illustrate a point...hang in there
which leads me to this conclusion: there is no "one" model that is best.

when we begin to look at a "model" to follow, we remove the emphasis of relationship with Christ, authority of Scripture and necessity of prayer.

OUT of those things, and THROUGH the dna of a leader is how a church is led!

so, what is the dna of a leader?
wikipedia says, dna "is a nucleic acid that contains the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms." when you dissect that definition you see 3 key words:
  1. instruction - in other words, the values, vision, giftings, personality, and skill-set of a leader is where the dna begins. that ALL begins out of a life-flowing relationship with Christ (Jn. 15:1-8) that is the "genetic code"
  2. development - that development is the growth that we experience as we are in the Body of Christ (Eph. 2:22)
  3. functioning - a definition of this word is, "the action for which a person or thing is particularly fitted or employed." in other words, its the purpose for which you were created. translated into church leadership, its the purpose the local pastor is created for. eph. 4:17 sums this whole notion up with a great reference (implied)
finally, let me re-emphasize, it's vitally important that the local church reflect the dna of the leader and NOT try to be all things to all people...the local church IS going to reflect the dna of the leader because its through that leader's life WITH and IN Christ that he leads.


in a few days i'll post why i think God uses denominations...any early thoughts on that subject?

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