on the radar (the second 5)

here are five more blogs on my radar that i think you should check out.
  1. going to take some heat from this one from my worship leader-type friends, but here it goes...the top 10 pet peeves about worship leaders (esp. #'s 2,4,6)
  2. the numbness of frequency - all to true!
  3. sometimes ministry is just a matter of thinking
  4. a pastor that confesses to a mistake that damaged his marriage - men, please don't let this happen!
  5. in 5AM - the most important time (i'll get there eventually, but this is a thought provoking and humbling...and short, post) please read it and pray for our friends in china


Anonymous said...

ok. i read the worship leader pet peeves. i have to agree with most, but i do take issue with a couple. i tend to sing with my eyes closed. for one thing it helps me focus, and well, let's be's not easy looking at a congregation. obviously, those who took issue with this have never looked at themselves in the crowd. you don't make this easy for us. and transitions are not as easy as people think especially if you're working with a less experienced band. let up on us a little. it appeared to me that most of these on the list had to deal with being genuine and with having ego issues. that's right-on. worship is about GOD. it's our job as worship leaders to lead and at the same time to shrink so GOD takes center stage. there's no room for ego or promoting your new cd or jockeying for position so you can lead the better attended service...all things i've seen unfortunately. GOD will not share the spotlight with us nor should he. but in our defense, we're not all chris tomlins or matt redmans or israels, so don't be so hard on us. we do the best we can. GOD doesn't expect us to be perfect, but we do try to be excellent in all we do. all in all, good article.

Rachel said...

Maybe I should write a blog about worship leaders top pet peeves about the congregation! Seriously, there were some good points (and some not so good ones).

Debbie C. said...

Good post - Melvin has learned not to make the "big marriage mistake" - now we get to teach Kendall! ha. Regarding the article on worship leaders, I actually liked it. I know it's hard for worship leaders and it's hard for the audience because we are all vessels and very imperfect. Bottom line, we can't judge another's heart, only God can. We just have to worship regardless. But, I do think there are things we can all do to make our ministries more excellent as unto the Lord and not unto man.