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haven't blogged much of late...apologies. several reasons: 1.) we've gained a new family member (her name is belle, she's about a 2 or 3 year old dog someone gave to us - she's a blessing); 2.) lots going on with work; 3.) the kids and wife are back in school so free time isn't as available. anyway, here are some posts that i've kept pondering on or saving to refer you to...
  1. read the shack? here are a couple of lenghty posts regarding the book and the author. post #1 is a review of the book and post #2 is an interview with the author
  2. almost as important as that book was to me, here's a VITAL article that EVERY dawg fan MUST read! check it out here (warning it pertains to guts)
  3. brilliant post for anyone - play your best - for what its worth...sports related posts are the ones God tends to speak to me's my love language i guess.
  4. what if you said 'yes' to everything - something to consider!
  5. stop making excuses about needing more!

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I really like the new layout! The colors are nice!