so, a couple weeks back i posted this post from my phone while on the was a hasty post (learned a lesson there) and it was really mis-titled.

i titled it this...

Not all stupid signs HAVE to be church signs-here's one that tax payers paid for!

when what i should have done is titled it is something like this...

sign seen on the road, if not heeded will lead to stupid mistake

or this

Hastily posted pics via moblog lead to stupidity

thanks to the comments of debbie and hope, i will now rethink my posting while driving...

or perhaps i'll rethink the whole posting WHILE driving thing...might be better that way - what do you think?

regardless, i wish to take back my insinuation that the sign is stupid - actually it' is very creative...but i still find the thoughts of it hilarious...along the lines of this comedian


hope hammond said...

glad i could help! lol! i was reminded later about someone who didn't heed the sign. as you can imagine, he went on to get stuck under the bridge. guess it goes to show that if you hit the sign, you will hit that bridge! heed the warning! lol!

Amydita said...

very humble is a process :-)