my top 5 list for the day

going to start a series of posts this week that are all "top 5 related"...tonight...

the top 5 blog posts that i've read this past week (and their are 11 that are really great, so this is gonna be tough!

5.) tony shares 9 do's and don'ts for ministry growth here - reason it's in my top 5: because of #3 - it's all about relationship! (a close second is #9!)

4.) the guys over at swerve have a guest blogger (andrew statezny) - he shares what it meant for his church to become a video venue church location of - reason it's in my top 5: because i think there's incredible validity to the video church (multi-site) model....taking a strong communicator and coupling it with a passionate pastoral leader with a heart for people is a win-win...btw, the new testament epistles are the predecessors to the mult-site movement

3.) bill references a new way of measuring success in ministry - this will challenge you! reason it's in my top 5: 'cause its a new way of thinking about our mission!

2.) tim posts about doers vs. leaders here (original post from mark here)- reason it's in my top 5: cause it's good!

1.) michael write about how to create a life plan - reason it's in my top 5: because i need to do this! i'm going to block the time in the coming weeks, read the books he references and make this a priority. the other thing i want to do is find a 'coach' - someone that can help me like they were able to help michael through this process...someone that's further down the path, or hovering over the path at about 30,000 that i can help others!

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