challenge the process

was reading a back issue of ministry today magazine and came across this article by andy stanley

here are some highlights:
  • there's something in every leader that yearns to try things in new ways, to test the status quo–to challenge the process
  • it's human nature to gravitate toward the familiar. And left to
    themselves, virtually every person and organization is in a
    subconscious pursuit of the status quo
  • the world needs leaders to venture boldly into the unfamiliar and to
    embrace the uncomfortable–because the best solutions are often
    found in unfamiliar, uncomfortable places
  • When God created leaders, he equipped them with an unsettling urge to
    unpack, undo and unearth methods. This explains your tendency to
    question everything around you
  • your zeal for improvement isn't always appreciated out in the real world
  • Effective leadership means learning to challenge the process without
    challenging the organization. There's a fine line between the two. But
    it's a crucial line
  • The first line of resistance the leader faces is the organization
    itself. As we've already mentioned, organizations don't like new ideas.
  • The second line of resistance you face is from other leaders. You might
    think you'd find an advocate in this group. But, by nature, when you
    challenge a concept, you challenge the conceiver.
  • When you stop challenging the process, you cease to be a leader and you become a manager.
here are some of my thoughts:
  1. i've been the one that's challenged the process...unfortunately, i didn't always count the cost or realize that when i did i was challenging the organization and the conceivers...bad move!
  2. in ministry, it's all about ministry (another word for serving) - so, i have to constantly remind myself that it's not about me
  3. when you are a leader, and you cease to challenge the process, or look for other ways to lead, and resolve yourself to management, you become frustrated and burned out - quickly!
  4. not only that, but you loose your passion to lead
  5. this is a process that God allows us to go through so that we're constantly "in Him" - for out of Him is where life flows! actually, it may not be a process that everyone goes through...but i've been through it...
This article appeared in the May/Jun 2006 issue.

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