13 years ago today!

my life changed in so many ways!

our son was born 13 years ago today and it just seems like it was only a couple years ago.


while most parents loathe this time of life, i look forward to it.

you see, God checked me last night as josh and i were talking...while most of the world views this as a time when attitudes and hormones flare (and yes, i know they will), i see this as a time in which all of the years of love, direction, correction, prayer and discipleship begin to produce fruit of independence, personality, development, and growth as a young man.

i see this as another season in the development of a Christ-follower...a time to be embraced and every fruit in this season harvested for growth and the future. perhaps some will think me too thoughts about those that think so are that perhaps you are too pessimistic.

as with most things in life that pertain to change, your attitude determines your altitude - this is a season in which me and the young man God has allowed us to raise and disciple can soar to new heights - i'm going to embrace this moment because in another 13 years, life will again take on new meaning and look drastically different than it does today.

happy birthday son, i'm proud of the young man you are becoming in Christ!


Unknown said...

This is a great post, and I am very excited about the coming years. Even though 13 years, that blows my mind! I remember going to the hospital to see him for the very first time! Time flies...

And you should REALLY think about using capitalization. Haha.

Debbie C. said...

Awesome parents who love God, produce awesome kids who love God.